Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrift Store Find : Marching Band Jacket ( December 2011 )

I just went to a thrift shop yesterday and was searching for a LBD for a Christmas party when I spotted this jacket that I immediately fell in love with. It's a marching band jacket that is so on my wishlist for like forever. It's in black and has gold buttons in it with red lining inside the cuffs. It lacks a few buttons but I can fix that easily, i'll just look for replacement buttons and replace all of them.

Having statement pieces in your closet is a must, especially key pieces like LBD, a black jacket or cardigan, jeans and a nude dress. I am having the time of my life looking for these key pieces and that most of it were thrift store finds which saves me a lot of money.

This marching band jacket was originally P220 but because they have a mark down sale, I bought it for P165 only which is a huge bargain. If you go to signature labelled stores you will find similar jackets for twice the cost that I had it or even thrice the price. I know that thrift stores sell 'used' clothes but I always make sure to wash it well before wearing the item. It is from the brand Gallery, and for an item from a thrift shop, it is such a must have.

You can find great finds in thrift stores, you just have to be diligent enough in searching through all of the racks in there. I feel more at ease when I am in a thrift store rather than at the mall where sales ladies really are persistent to have you buy something. Sales ladies at the thrift store that I went to were nice and they guide you through the store but gives you space to search for that item you are looking for.

Here is a photo of me wearing the jacket and flaunting it. It's a bit cropped but fits me well and I absolutely adore it. The one that I bought is different from the inspiration photo but who cares, it's still a marching band jacket right. That is it, my marching band jacket that I really love.

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