Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrift Store Find : Black Scoop Necked Top

A thrift store find that I really should post. I found a black top in a thrift store and guess how much it is? It's only P20, yes, you've read it right and it was such a steal. It's a black top with a deep scoop neckline.

I love the feel of the fabric and how it shows off my curves. It doesn't look too revealing and it's something that you can dress up. A statement necklace, a neon pink blazer or a cardigan will give this top justice.

I can even pair this top with a printed high-waisted short or skirt. Paired with jeans an a floral belt, it will be fabulous. A distressed denim short and pumps will also work with this top. There are endless choices and I can't wait to try all of these ideas.

For an item this cheap, it is worth it, it's high quality. It doesn't even look like it's a thrift store find. I can say that I really have a good eye in choosing items from thrift stores.

Stay fab! 

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