Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cardigan Love Affair

It's nearly Christmas and the air is really chilly now. Every morning when I wake up taking a bath is the greatest challenge that I have to face. The water is so cold, good thing we have a heater, but after the bath regime, the guts to go out of the bathroom becomes another hurdle to jump. What I do is run as fast as I can to get to my room.

It's the season of shorter days and longer nights. It's when people have the 'bedtime weather' as they say, we all just lounge in our beds and are too lazy to get up. It's cold, we need something cozy and warm right.

For this climate, I choose to wear cozy cardigans over my uniform or anything else I wear. It gives me good coverage and really does keep me warm. You can find cardigans and cover ups in any shop or mall near you, but they are pretty pricy, it also depends on it's thickness and design. I decided to buy mine from thrift stores, you might be saying, 'Eew! Used cardigans to keep you warm?' I say yes. I wash it well before using it and used an antibacterial fabric conditioner just to be safe.

I found two cardigans that I immediately fell in love with. The first one is by Rich Girl and it's a long sleeved cardigan. It's soft on the skin and really fits me well. I don't recommend it for very chilly weather, but for brisk weather it's a must. Second thing that I picked up from the thrit store is a short sleeved cardigan that has thinner material than the first one. I use it when we're at the mall to cover up a sleeveless top or when we're at church to cover up a dress.

Styles may come and go but essentials, like the cardigan, you can't go wrong with these. Stylish and useful at the same time. You should have one in your closet.
Stay fab! 

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