Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Midriff Bustier Fashion

I bought this gorgeous cropped bustier top (which I am still waiting to arrive) from one of my favorite online shop Twins Closet for only P350.00 which is a huge bargain. It's a black with floral design and a zipper in front. I decided to buy it because it is a huge trend today and because I want to try wearing something that is above my belly button (to think that I have flabs now). There is nothing wrong with trying new things right?

I've seen girls wearing it just like that but am not that adventurous enough to do so. A lot of young celebrities are showing off their eye catching bustiers on red carpet events, magazine covers, billboards and blogs. Looking at them makes me want to wear mine more, am so excited for it. This colorful clothing item not just accentuate the upper body but also the striking colors and prints makes you a real head turner.

I want to try out this trend but with something on top of it. I still have flabs so I can't wear it alone. I want to top it off with a white tank top with large arm holes so that the bustier could peep through. I have high-waisted shorts in white by Shapes that I want to pair it with also, or a distressed denim shorts. I wanted colorful arm candies to bring out the color of the bustier.

I sure wish that my bustier will arrive soon, I am so excited for it. I want to pull off this look because I want to experiment with my wardrobe and style more. I will look for more new things for my closet, first I need to rearrange my closet.

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