Saturday, August 25, 2012

My New Clip On Hair Extensions + OOTD ( 3 June 2012 )

I have had short hair for quite a while now that is why I decided to purchase hair extensions to experience the feeling of having long hair. The longest my hair has reached was at least 15in or so. I bought my Sexy Waves hair extension in Dark Brown from Rosey Chiq Hair Extensions, which is an online shop, and I loved the texture of the hair. It's close to human hair but not that shiny just like fake hair. It has soft waves which I prefer more than the curly type and it is easy to comb. I had to color my hair to match the hair extensions so that it won't look off.

Here is a before and after look.

It's not as thick as my past hair extension that I bought from another online shop but I like this one better. It looks natural and it is manageable. I loved how it gives volume to my hair and the extensions made me look glamorous. It has 5 clip wefts that holds it into place and it doesn't really give that much weight to my hair. It's easy to put on and is really secure. I think it's 22 or 25in long, it's so silky smooth.

Here is a closer look at my new clip on hair extensions.

My outfit this Sunday, 3 June 2012, is a white tank top from Forever 21 that I paired with my white floral skirt that I bought from a thrift store. I had a gray cardigan to cover up my arms because it's cold outside and we are going to church, I have to look decent. My shoes here are a pair of floral flats that my mum bought me. For my accessories, I just had a purple feather earring on my left ear and a treasure bottle necklace that I made myself.

For my make-up, it's just my go-to make-up, a pink blushy cheek with a winged eyeliner and pink lips. I also did my eyebrow with a reddish brown eyebrow pencil, I am really getting good at drawing my eyebrows on. I had to practice putting on eyebrows because I don't have any. I made my make-up simple because I don't want to look ever the top for church. It's just nice to dress up once in a while, it makes me feel pretty.

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