Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Bracelets

I have always wanted to try DIY projects such as accessories and clothes. I tried the cropped top DIY and I am getting a hang of it. I did a lot of cropped tops already, although I never had the chance to wear them yet. Now I would want to try DIY bracelets and here are some of the bracelets that I would want to do.

The cobra stitched bracelet with chain and tassel bracelet are the first DIY projects that I would want to try. They are pretty arm candies and I can experiment with a lot of colors. I would just need chains, colorful laces, strings, jump rings, wires, clasps and pliers. I can also make this as a business opportunity because it is fashionable and chic yet it's simple to make.

Next is the braided beaded bracelet that is so adorable and simple to make. I tried doing this the other day, although it didn't look as good as the photo here, still I think I did a good job. It's simple and the materials needed are just waxed linen cords, seed beads, a button (preferably the ones with two holes), scissors and your trusty pair of hands. This is also a business opportunity that I cannot wait to try.

Lastly is a braided bracelet that I tried many times with scrap fabric and my friends loved it. I want to try it with different styles and materials such as faux leather, string, thread and lace.
Am excited for my DIY projects, hoping to start asap. I want to earn and have fun making it at the same time. Hooray for the entrepreneur me!

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