Sunday, August 12, 2012

SM Mall of Asia Trip w/ The Family and Forever 21 Mini Haul

Went to SM Mall of Asia with my family and we all had a blast. Our first stop was Moto World because Karl was looking for a helmet, sadly he didn't find the perfect one.

After walking for quite some time we went to Forever 21 to look around but ended up buying a lot. I bought two items because I am saving my money. My mum bought a lot and my brother Tony bought two items for his girlfriend.

The first item that I bought was a spiked bracelet in black that my brother chose for me. There were a lot of spiked accessories that I fell in love with. It's color black and has three spikes which will give a rocker vibe to my whole look. I would dress it up with a bright top or a rocker outfit, I am excited to wear it.

The second item that I bought was a set of stud earrings that are so adorable, lucky that I have 5 ear piercing so i'll be able to use all three. The first pair is a black rose which I think is made of plastic. I love the vintage look to it, the rose is feminine but the color gives it a rocker feel. The next pair are hearts with rhinestones that are so adorable. The last pair are pearls that are simple but can give elegance to your overall look.

After shopping at Forever 21 we ate at Racks and the food was awesome. We had the Racks and Chicken family platter which includes sides of corn-on-the-cob and mac 'n cheese. The protein part of the meal were ribs, roast pork and roasted chicken. The meat was tender and even though i had a little I still feel bloated. The meal was excellent, we are sure to come back to Racks.

Our last stop was at Pet Express where we bought food for our cats at home. When we were paying for our items my mum and I heard a girl talking to her cat who keeps on clinging to her, which is a sign that the cat is nervous or scared, that she keeps on saying, "Magbabayad na lang tayo, wait lang. Magbabayad na lang tayo," made me miss Bebi more. The girl made me think that it is not bad to show too much love to your pet, treat them as your children and love them because they can give back that love.

It was an exhausting day but still I had a blast because it has been such a rare occassion that we are complete when going out. This was such a day to remember. I hope that your families are complete and happy as well. God bless us all. 

♡ keyti

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