Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Saturday Shift Experience

It was a fair Saturday evening when I was on my way to work, it's a one time deal only, when I had to stop at Baclaran to buy a cardigan because I left mine at home. Good thing I have extra money for it because I haven't withdrawn money for my expenses today.

I walked pass the Baclaran Church and found my way to a kiosk near Jollibee where they sell women's clothes. I looked for a cardigan that will fit my outfit well. I found a black and red striped cardigan there and asked how much it is. It was P120 and I bought it right away. A kid then approached me, "Ate ganda bili ka na ng plastic para may lalagyan ka. Sige na ate ang ganda ganda mo pa naman." It was a nice compliment but I only have exact money to pay for the item, that is why I can't buy a plastic bag from him. I was very saddened about what had happened but I have to move because I might be late for work.

I rode a yellow multicab, it's like a mini van that we Filipinos ride on, to work that night. Mister driver was the jolliest person ever, he was drinking a cereal drink because he told us that he was hungry.

"Pasensya na kayo at 'di ko kayo maalok kasi isa lang ito. Energen 'toh, gutom na kasi ako." He was so sweet and even asked nicely if it's okay if we pay P10 instead of the usual P8 to SM Mall of Asia so that we can go off as soon as possible because there were no one else arrived to ride the multicab. It was a fun ride, mister driver really made me smile.

When I reached the pantry of our office, I had to wait for a long time until my colleagues arrive. We bought chips so that we'll stay awake during class. It was a short class but we all had fun learning. Having friends during training makes it more interesting and fun. 

♡ keyti

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