Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second Divisoria Haul

I went to Divisoria again and bought a bunch of clothes and some random things. I was with my beb Kheith again and she helped me haggle my way to the hippest clothes. This haul will feature things that I bought from 168 Divisoria Mall and Tutuban from two separate days.

Our first stop was at 168 Divisoria Mall, it was gloomy then but it didn't stop me from going there. We forgot where we bought my sheer top from my last haul but good thing we found the same top from a different store. We bought the exact sheer top but in a different color, it's a salmon color which is very feminine and I really love how flowy it is. I also bought another sheer top in white but it has a black sheer fabric at the back. It has a Chinese collar and Chinese inspired button up shirt. Both items are P220 each which were originally P250, thanks to the very good haggling skills of my girlfriend for that.

(this is the front part of the top)

(the detail on the back is to die for)

The next shop that we went to was my favorite shop at 168 Divisoria Mall which is the Pink Shop were I always buy my P100 shirts. They had a rack there filled with v-neck tees that I adore so I bought 3 of it in different colors. It has a light fabric and it hugs my curves well that is why I love them.

(seems like you can't see the difference from the off white top and the white one :D)

The last item that I bought at Divisoria is a Stitch character case for my phone. I have been searching for this case for the longest time and I am so glad that I found it. Although the color of his nose is not dark blue, he is still cute. I can always redo his nose color if I have time but nonetheless he is so adorable. The original price of this character case is P230 which went down to only P190 which is AMAZiNG.

That is my Divisoria haul for today and I hope you guys loved them as much as I did. Let's be safe always. Stay fab!


  1. the fone case is soooo cute muffin!! i want a pink one, hehe.

    1. it took me forever to find this color muffin ,
      good thing i did .


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