Saturday, August 25, 2012

Avon Essentials Kabuki Brush Review

I've been using a brush for my powder because it doesn't give me a cakey feeling versus using a sponge applicator. I have been looking for a good quality kabuki brush until my mum bought me one from Avon Essentials. She decided to buy me this kabuki brush that she saw on the brochure because all of the other brushes we saw were so expensive.

What I like about it:
About the brush, it is cheaper than the other ones that I saw. It is the perfect size and it has black bristles.

What I don't like about it:
Whenever I put powder on it, it holds it but it doesn't seem to transfer all of the powder on my face. The bristles are falling apart and the powder sticks on the brush and it won't come off.


All in all I wouldn't recommend it, it doesn't have the best quality bristles. It may be cheap but it doesn't deliver. I was really disappointed because of the quality.


  1. aww, i didn't know avon have a kabuki brush, the color and size looks nice :) great review muffin! XO

    1. yes they do muffin ,
      my mum surprised me with this .
      although it's not good i still
      use it because she bought it for me .
      thank you so much for reading my blogs muffin .


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