Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plans for my 25th Birthday

I will be turning 25 next year and that will be my silver birthday. I was planning to have a "debut" kind of party because I wasn't able to celebrate my debut that way. I have a lot of plans for it and some choices for the things that should be in the celebration. Before I forget the details I will just post it here. I would want to have a special party for myself and I will be the one to do all the planning to avoid expenses. Money is tough these days.

First up, I want to choose a dress that is silver and is a ball gown. I was wearing a cocktail dress on my debut so for my 25th birthday I would want to wear a ball gown. Something that will make me feel like a queen, like I am the star of the night. I found these online and some of it are wedding gowns which will be quite expensive, I'll just rent anything similar to them. Here are the gowns that I chose and felt in love with.

I love the dress that JLo was wearing, it's a sequined gown. I just love how it flows from waist down and how it caresses the floor when she walks. The next gowns are wedding gowns and I love the ruffles that they both have, it will really turn heads, am just wondering if it's too heavy for me. I think JLo's gown will work just fine.

Next up are the shoes, I just need a pair that will fit the gown well and here are my choices. Well, any of these will do because it won't be seen because it's underneath the gown. The important thing in choosing a pair of shoe is that it's comfortable and that I will be able to walk in it.

My choice for the color motif will be purple and silver. Purple is my favorite color and if mixed with the color of my 25th birthday, it will really be identified as MY DAY. I want it to be simple but chic because I want it to cost less but look elegant. My friends and I will be working on the decorations also. I want everything to be organized.

For the invitation, I want it simple also and 2 pages will be sufficient enough for the details. I don't want any hassles for my guests that is why I want to fit all of the details in a simple invitation. I also want to give a vintage vibe to the invites to really show who I am. I love vintage so I want it to show in every detail of my birthday.

I found this design online and I will make my own using this template. It's a wedding invitation but I will tweak it a bit to make it my own.
Basically, that is all that I have planned. I am still thinking about more things to add to my celebration. I want it to be the best birthday ever. Hoping to achieve even most of the things that I have listed down, what is important is that we have fun and will be able to celebrated the silver years of my life.

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