Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventure Time!

I have been addicted to cartoons since I was a little girl and now that I am older I still tend to watch some just to ease tension or stress. Now, I am so into the cartoon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake that is showing in Cartoon Network. It's not just because how the cartoon was made but the lessons that is learned within each episodes.

The Adventures of Finn and Jake is a story about a boy and his pet dog that chose to make adventure time fun and they save a lot of princesses along the way. It's cute how Finn has a crush on Princess Bubblegum and the way he blushes when she is around is priceless.
They teach kids how to have fun and how to appreciate everything that they have. They also teach not just kids, but all of us, to keep promises and be honest. Whoever made this cartoon is genius because it is a must watch.

It's a fun cartoon to watch and is so adorably done. All of the different princesses, the landscapes and the other characters within the story makes it more interesting. Another addition to my cartoon addiction, these two characters never fails to make me smile. Every episode and every new character I see makes me love the cartoon more.

If I were you, I will start watching the Adventures of Finn and Jake, it's awesome!

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