Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Kitty Family ( 21 May 2012 )

There are five people in my family: my dad, mum, me, Tony & Karl but we also have a cat family within our family. We never had pets since the death of our Shih Tzu named Tootchie that was way back 1999 I guess. We aren't really that fond of animals but last year, everything changed.

At first we had one cat, and that is Bebi and he is all grown up now. Bebi is now 7 months old and he's so fluffy! After him, we adopted a girl kitten and named her Jackie (named after a character in a teleserye entitled Budoy) and she is turning 4 months on June, although am not really sure when she was born. Then two weeks ago, my brother's friend gave us two adorable kitten's who are pure white and pure orange (they look dirty in the photograph, am sorry for that). When I first saw these two kittens, Finn and Jake popped into my mind because it really reminds me of them so I named them after the characters of Adventure Time. As these two grew each day, they really embodied the names given to them because they have a lot of energy, they enjoy walking around the house (doing adventures) and climbing everything that they could climb up to.

Whenever one of them is sick, everyone will help out just to make the cat feel better. We feed them 3x a day but not too much to avoid them getting tummy aches. We don't want the cats to be overly fed. We change their litter box every other week so that they won't get parasites and we give them baths twice a week. This summer, I give them baths three times a week to avoid them getting dehydrated. We also give them lots of water and change it twice a day. We let them roam around the house to help them exercise their limbs. Daily supply of milk is also given to them to strengthen their bones. Most especially, we never fail to have the time to carry them and play with them to show how much we love them.

Each cat is different from one another and giving them ample time each day to show how much you care for them will make them happy cats. Cats are clean animals and having them as pets relieves stress and leaves you with awe and joy. We love our cats, you should try adopting some too, they are a joy to have.

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