Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OOTD : Striped Love ( 10 November 2011 )

We just came home from church when this photo was taken. It's our weekly obligation to go to church together as a family and as usual we all go there with a theme. My mom decides what color scheme our shirts will be and this week it's black and white (because she was wearing a polka dotted dress). She chose a black & white striped off shoulder top (which i adjusted because I don't want to be noticed in a bad way in church) and black jeggings.

I did my make-up, with a happy tap on my shoulder, I think I did a pretty good job. I've been putting on making for quite some time now and I think (even my mum) that I am getting good at it. Thanks to the make-up tutorials that my fave make-up gurus are posting and I have seen quite a lot of those tutorials and taking notes on their techniques and good to know make-up guidelines.

This was taken on our way home from church. Playing with my phone's cam again, I am so a cam whore. :3

I also play with my accessories which are mostly online finds from my trusted shops. I found fabulous finds online and I always have awes from family and friends when am wearing these accessories.

Kudos to Trinkets Royale Manila for my necklace and bracelet. Love these two items to death! (sorry for the wrinkly hands, I hate them. :p) Not forgetting my Hello Kitty Ring that my mum bought for me.

And my trusty flat shoes embellished with chains.

Well that's pretty much it, my outfit. It's not what I normally wear to church but it's not bad to dress up for it right. Have a great day y'all! c:


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