Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OOTD LOOKBACK : The Grouch in Me

This look is what I normally wear since I started college. It's comfortable and simple to put together. This was my favorite shirt, it's Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street and I bought it at SM Megamall Department Store. I have my white everyday denim by Bench and my white high-tops by Converse.

Whenever I am going out with friends, going to the mall with my family, going to school or church, this is what I normally wear. Well, not these specific items but you get my point. I was a bit of a tomboy back then but as I grew older, I managed to learn how to dress my age without forgetting comfort and style.

I missed having this body, I gained weight now because of laziness. I eat a lot these days, I was also stressed. Still I am doing my best to be able to go back to my original shape. Wish me luck!

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