Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh My Glob! It's Lumpy Space Princess.

I've been watching Adventure Time over and over every single day and I fell in love with the lumpiest character there, Lumpy Space Princess. I love how sarcastic she is and how proud she is of who she is. She is a little bit grumpy but I love how she loves herself.

The character taught me a valuable lesson, no matter how you look like you have to love yourself and that you should be proud of who you are. LSP is the most confident princess ever and she is proud of her lumpiness.  She is a true example of a simple girl trying to fit in a world full of princesses, just like me am trying too hard to fit it when all I should do is be proud of who I am.
I should be like LSP, confident and proud. Well, you should get the lump off my face. hahaha! Nice try, I just like her attitude towards life and beauty. I love LSP. 


  1. hahahah! waah! I can relate to this. I also watch Adventure time♥ "It's a circle of life Fin, circle of Life" that's just one of my favorite line. I love Fin & Jake & PB as well:) ♥


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