Saturday, August 25, 2012

BiBi's New Phone Case

My mum got so hooked with my BB that she bought me another phone case for it. It's a white cat, I thought it was Hello Kitty because that's how she describes it, but I like it nonetheless.

I love the cute black eyes and pink whiskers. It's so adorable, even my cats like it. It's so girly, my mum really knows how to make me smile. Thanks to her for this adorable case. I would want to collect more cases for BiBi, those adorable ones and I also want to have one that has a Cassette design, I also want the Rilakkuma one because it's adorable and if there is one in a Stitch design why not. There are other designs with a cat on it, it's like the cat is biting the side of the phone, it's so adorable!

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