Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Couple of Dreamers pt. 1

On one fine day, Maryse woke up late because she was so exhausted at work last night when she saw her BlackBerry's LED started blinking red. She got out of bed and checked her phone, "I wonder who it is?" she unlocked it and saw that someone texted her.

"Good morning gorgeous. Bessy, are you free today? Let's have ice cream, my treat."

Her best friend, Anne, just like the sweetest lady that she is never forgets to make her smile every morning with her sweet messages. Maryse got up and prepared for her date with Anne.

On the other side of town, Anne was waiting for Maryse's reply to her text. She is hoping that her best friend read the text that she sent. Not a minute too soon her BlackBerry beeped and she checked it immediately wishing that it was her best friend's text.

"Good morning too bessy, am awake now and yes I am free today. See you at Ice Cream Bliss @ 10am. Let's also have lunch at Grab-a-Grub. Be safe bessy. Love yah!"

At exactly ten o'clock, Maryse and Anne arrived at their meeting place, they are always on time at anything. They ordered the usual, mint chocolate sundae with choco sprinkles and wafer sticks.

They talked about a lot of random things, shared blog ideas and anything else under the sun. They are both dedicated bloggers and lover of literature. Sharing a lot of things in common is one reason why they immediately clicked. When one is sad, the other one makes sure that she'll do her best to make the other one feel better.

"Bessy, we should go grab lunch now," Maryse exclaimed.
"We just had ice cream and you're already starving? You are simply the cutest bessy," Anne giggled.

While on their way to their favorite restaurant they didn't stop chatting and giggling. They were more than just the best of friends, they were like sisters. Whenever they see something interesting they would stop and take a photo of it.

When they reached Grab-a-Grub they looked for their spot next to the counter so that they could see the menu.

to be continued...


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