Saturday, August 25, 2012

My New Discovery: Veet Hair Removal Cream

I am one of those girls who is conscious about underarm hair and whitening. I used to shave the hair off my underarm which made it darker and chicken skinned. I tried the salt rub to exfoliate my underarm and prevent darkening and it worked. Now, I am using the Veet Hair Removal and it made miracles. My underarm hair are gone, well not permanently actually, and it's smooth. It's easy to use and very efficient.

How to use it.

1. Make sure that your underarm is clean and dry.
2. Squeeze a good amount of cream on the spatula that is included in the package.
3. Spread it all over you underarm making sure that you are covering all the hairs.
4. Leave it on for about 5-6 minutes for the cream to work.
5. Scrape the cream off with the spatula, make sure that you get all of it.
6. Wash it thoroughly and pat it dry.
7. Voila! You have a flawless underarm!

I also tried the wax of the same brand and it did a good job also. It does not sting so I will use the hair removal cream again.

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