Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Hair Diaries

I have been obsessed with dyeing my hair since high school. From black, I tried red, blue and even green. When I reached college that is when I went gaga over dyeing my hair. I had really black hair since I was a kid, my hair was always treated with coconut oil, aloe vera and gugo (monkey ladder or St. Thomas bean) so it is hard for the dye to stick to my hair. I tried balinese brown, then black again, then chestnut brown, then black again, then copper blonde and then I dyed my hair in copper brown.

As of now I am happy with my hair color but who knows, I might change my mind again. I know that it is bad for the hair to be dyed constantly, that is why I am giving my hair a break from hair dye and letting it grow back to black. I kinda missed having black hair, all I have to do is what for my hair to grow. I have to take good care of my hair now, it's not everyday that it is gonna be manageable and silky. I have to be careful also with the things that I put into my hair. Maybe I'll die my hair a year after to make sure that my hair will be as healthy as before or just let it be black for good, we'll never know.

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