Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Dream Room

I have always wanted a dainty room and what I have right now is way beyond dainty, although it is painted purple which is my favorite color so it's a plus. I would want to organize all of my stuff in cute boxes, my clothes in racks, my intimates in an organizer and many other. I would also want to have a dresser but I have this huge cabinet that cannot be moved and my parents won't allow me to take it down. My clothes are a mess because I still haven't bought hangers for them. Speaking of clothes, I would want to have a clothes rack to keep them wrinkle-free. I would also want to have a mannequin so I can plan my outfit ahead of time.

Having a clothes rack will keep my clothes organized, it will also be easy for me to keep them and get them when I'm going out. I would also want wooden hangers to hang them on because it looks classy.

I would also want to have dresser to put all my accessories and other stuff on. I would want it to be simple and useful. I could also turn my study table into a dresser, if I have the time and money, I would want to repaint it and jazz in up a bit because it's a huge and boring mess. I want it to fit my idea of a dainty room.

Adding a full body mirror in my room has been my all time dream. I would want to see my whole body when I am done dressing up and doing my make up. I would also want to have a vintage mirror in my room to add class to the entire space. A girl's room wouldn't be complete without a mirror, right?

The paint in my room is purple so I would want to add white and red accents to give it more color and a little bit of black for some classic and vintage feel. I love vintage prints just like polka dots and lace so I want to put these in my room to make it look like it's really mine.

I will take my designing dreams one step at a time and I will start with my clothes rack and a mannequin. Wish me luck!

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