Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dressing Up My BFFs

I would want to play the dress up game with my childhood best friends. It's not that I want to treat them as toys but as models for my styling ideas. They are so dear to me and since they also want to try new things, I am more than willing to help them out.

First up is Rocel, whom I call B, I already made a blog post about her and I would want to put together an outfit for her without any help from already posted photos. I will be putting together a whole outfit for her which would look good on her.

I would want something that will show her figure but doesn't cling to her that much. I would want the outfit to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. I wanna see her in skinny jeans, to show off those curves and a flowy top to accentuate her figure. Since she isn't fond of wearing heels, I would want her to wear a stylish pair of flat sandals that will go well with anything she wears. Minimal accessories is also added to this look to not over power the whole outfit.

For make-up, I would want to see Rocel with a golden smokey eye and fresh lips. A little dusting of bronzer to contour her face and a little winged liner to define her eyes more.

Next is Roquelle, miss tall and skinny, I would want her to look curvy rather than just plain thin. I want to see her dress up in a way that will make her look like she has curve and is fuller. Since she's slim, just like what I have read on the net, dressing her up with darker bottoms and lighter top does make a skinny girl look fuller than how she is. Just like Rocel, I still want her to be comfortable and still fashionable. I want her to look girly and cute at the same time.

For the make-up, an anime inspired look will be appropriate for her, and that is what she wants to. Lightly brushed with pastel colored eye shadow and a heavy wing to imitate the anime look. A soft lip will be appropriate and blushed pink cheeks to not over power the strong eye make-up.

Last but not the least is the jolliest girl in our clique, Roma. She is the sexiest among the four of us, although she doesn't see that. I would want to dress her up, actually we all want to dress her up, like a korean girl because she has the perfect bod and face for it. We all want her to flaunt those flawless legs that she keeps on hiding. She should embrace her inner goddess. She should do her hair in light curls and do a half do with a hair bow to finish it all.

For her make-up, just a sweet dewy make-up will do it. Peachy pink blush paired with supple pink lips and minimal eye make-up will do the trick.

That is all for my styling tips, I hope that they'll like it. Wish me luck!

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