Saturday, August 25, 2012

About My Winged Eyeliner

A lot of my friends are asking me how I put eyeliner on. I don't know why but of them are fascinated with my winged eyeliner, which for me isn't that perfect, so I decided to make this post.

I learned about putting on eyeliner through YouTube, just like any other make-up tutorial that I know, and it's by Jen of Frmheadtotoe. It's as simple as following the contours of your eyelids to get the perfect winged eyeliner. You can do it as thick or as thin as you want, also with how long or short it will be. It all depends on your liking and what shape your eyes are.

Here is a video of one eyeliner tutorial that I've watched from the past.

I have tried using a pencil liner, a liquid liner and gel liner to line my eyes. For the pencil liner, I loved the formula of the first product that I had and that is the Artdeco Pencil Liner in Black. I loved it because it doesn't smudge that easily and it's waterproof. It doesn't stain my eyes and it has a long lasting formula. The next product that I tried was the Nichido Eyeliner in Kohl and what I love about it was it's so opaque and easy to glide on. The only problem is that when you clean it off it leaves a dark color on the lids and around it, still I like it and am still using it now. I also used liquid liners and the first product that I used was the Ever Bilena Liquid Liner in Black that I really love. I can easily glide it on my lids without crooked lines and I love the tip of the liner because it's not flimsy. I also tried the Nichido Eyeliner that I forgot what it's called but I didn't really use it that much because it's too runny and it doesn't give that much color so I purchased another product of the same brand which is the Nichido Liquid Eyeliner in Black and I love how opaque it is although it's hard to put it on because of the flimsy tip but am getting a hang of it. The last product that I tried was a gel liner and it is the Hello Kitty Mac Gel Liner. I like how the packaging looks like, to think that I am not fond of Hello Kitty, and the formula is easy to use also.

Here are some of the eyeliner looks that I have been doing for the past years.

I am getting used to putting eyeliner so much that I can't go out of the house without it. It gives my eyes color and life. Eyeliners define my eyes and help them look prettier also. I want to learn more about putting make-up on and I will be posting my development here.


  1. I always wear winged eyeliner :) It's my favorite.. No need for eyeshadow and anything just the eyeliner itself is pretty no?

    thanks for following my blog :)

    1. true !
      it really adds glam to
      the whole look
      just on its own .

      thanks for following me back .


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