Monday, August 6, 2012

My 168 Mall Haul

I have been an avid Divisoria goer and I love the items that I see there. Last month, my girlfriend Kheith and I went there to buy a top that I can use for work. We went to 168 Mall where I normally shop. It is air conditioned and clean that is why I love going there.

Our first stop was a boutique there where I found a gorgeous sheer turquoise colored top that I immediately fell in love with. The original price was P250 but because Kheith is good at haggling the price went down to P220.

Our next stop was a kiosk near the escalator where we bought a Victoria's Secret Body Mist (Singapore Version) in the sent Blossoming Romance. Kheith took a lot of time in looking for the perfect sent that she likes and when she found it I bought it right away. She likes the sweet and fruity scent that the body mist has and she said that it fits my personality well. Just like what the VS website says it has a Sensuous Fragrance of Violet Petal, Raspberry, and Vanilla Sugar and is from the Victoria's Secret Garden Collection.

Of course what is an outfit without a necklace so we looked for a shop that sells them and found this shop that was filled with accessories, although I forgot to take note of all of the shop's names but that is okay. I found two gorgeous Eiffel tower necklace and because I've always wanted to have these type of necklace and they are P50 each which is a bargain. The other necklace has the full tower and I put ribbon on top of it because it looks so pretty with it. I will be looking for a lace fabric to put on the other necklace to give it more body because it only has one face of the tower.

I also bought a black and gray cardigan because Kheith insisted. It has a soft fabrics that feels great on the skin and it really gives me warmth. I can also be paired with anything which is a plus. We bought for P150 which is such a bargain for a staple piece.

Lastly, what is Keyti without the signature cat eye so I bought a liquid eyeliner at Sakura for P80. For a cheap eyeliner it has excellent quality and it is really opaque. It is by the brand called Qichun which I think is a chinese brand.

That is all the items that I bought and I love every single one of it but what I loved the most was the time that I had with my girlfriend Kheith. I hope to have more time shopping and/or strolling with her.

♡ keyti


  1. cute necklace! i love it :) i love your blog muffins, so pretty! xx

    1. thank you muffin . ikr ! i adore Paris and having these necklaces makes me feel like am in the City of Lights . :3


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