Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maan & Me ( 26 January 2012 )

Here is a post that I don't really do but I will now. It's a special day for me and my bestfriend MAAN, because it's our 27th month, and still counting. We met online but that doesn't mean that we can't treat each other as sisters right? Distance makes the heart grow fonder right. Here is our exchange of thoughts this morning.

MAAN : You're the yelo to my halo-halo, the left ventricle of my heart, the thread in my cross stitch, the pillow on my bed, the conditioner to my hair -- The person who makes life happier, without her its just not right..
I love you Bessy, today, tomorrow and always :) I'm the lucky one -- cause I got you :*
#cant be happier :)
KEYTi : am not good in math but i can count ur gifts , i can't understant matter but i knw how huge ur contributions are , i knw i love poetry but ur words mean so much more . yes , we met online and yes we haven't met personally , but does it matter ? this bond between us , the imaginary string strong enough to hold us together is what i love . i admire u MUH ANNE JOYCE , ur brave , gorgeous and exceptional . am so lucky to hav found sum1 as precious as u . murr months and years may come to us bessy . i love you .
MAAN :  See, AM I LUCKY OR WHAT?? :) that's my bestfriend, always the sweet tooth and the dentist -- she's got it all :)
I love you kat.. We'll never break up, ryt? Not ever :) I just love you so much... And will nver stop nor tire of doing so.. You to me is what best friendship means :)
KEYTi : this is us MiLEs AWAY from each other , i can't wait to know what we will be like if we're together . that will be awesome ! we'll be like a bee reuniting with its hive , a glaze on top of a donut , meatballs rolling on a plate of spaghetti . i love it ! i've never been more excited . i wish to spend more years as your bes`chocofrost ms. MAAN . it was such an honor making u smile . c:

We've been poets in motion whenever we talk to each other. I wish to be able to bring this poetry to life someday. See you really soon bessy.

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