Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keyti & Me ( from Maan : 26 January 2012 )

FRIENDSHIP -- one that's not going to sink. It floats over a sea of struggles, survives storms and harsh conditions. Friendship does not rot, its one made stronger and more beautiful as time goes by, in an endless knot. 

BEST FRIENDSHIP -- one that's hard to get, so when you have it.. Don't let it slip! Grab it, snatch it, lock it in your heart, for best friendship is the source of the happiest smiles.

HAPPY HAPPY 26th MONTH of BEST FRIENDSHIP *KEYTI*. You're the chocolate frosting of my everyday caked-life. You sweetened it, made it full and light..I fell in love in an instant, loneliness took its final flight.

Cause of YOU I learned that distance is nothing but just a time when you're away. Its the time when prayers are all I can say, to ensure your safety everyday. Its the time when I get to miss you and think of you as a sister I'd keep 'til our crowns hail gorgeous silks of gray.

My eyes long for you but MY HEART HAS LONG SEEN THE BEAUTIFUL SOUL IN YOU - so familiar, your presence so true. Sisters in bond, this magical connection God gave to me and you. I guess its Hey SOUL SISTER after all :) 

"Lucky are those who believed when they can't see", so this friendship we share reads a banner that says "HEY I AM SO OVERLY LUCKY NiGHT AND DAY!" :) 
I believe in YOU KAT, ever since, ever more. You are special, loved and is always a blessing from above. I LOVE YOU, words I can abuse everyday just to let you feel that I'm with you all the way.. 

P.S. You're the Tinkerbell in my Neverland. The tinker of my heart :)

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