Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bag Wishlist

I have a mocha colored satchel bag but it's too big to carry around so I want to purchase another one to bring with me whenever I go out. It should be big enough to bring an umbrella with and small enough so that I can bring it anywhere. I don't want it to have any heavy metal accents that will weigh it down. It will be nice if it has a sling because it's easier to carry it around.

A bag made of fabric will be just fine. I never had a bag made of fabric, except for my environment friendly bags that my mum gives me. Compared to a leather or plastic bag, bags made out of fabric can be easily washed.

I would want to have a floral bag just for a change. I just want a sturdy bag that is strong enough to bring all of my stuff. I do bring quite a lot of stuff in my bags. I just want this bag so bad!

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