Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let us Pray for the Philippines

The Philippines is experiencing a horrific phenomenon. Floods everywhere and many people are devastated and are screaming for help. The heavy rain bought disaster to every city in Luzon and caused grief to many families. There is no typhoon but the excessive rainfall destroyed many.

Floods are caused by the garbage thrown to waterways and water masses. People should be responsible enough in throwing their trash and learn to segregate. This won't happen if all of us are responsible enough in our litter, this concern should be addressed by everyone because we'll all be affected in the end.

I remembered an article that I've read from way back, "The Philippines will be submerged years from now". With all the flooding that is happening in the past few years, it made me think that is it really possible that we will be erased from the phase of the Earth? I am praying hard that it won't happen, I never want families to disappear just because of the floods.

We should all pray and do our best to help out the families that were affected by this phenomenon. We are Filipinos, we should relive the "Bayanihan" mentality. Let's reach out to them and share our blessings. Let's us pray for the rain to stop, that tomorrow a rainbow will smile at the Philippines bringing a new day, bringing a fine day.

May God be with us all.

"Prayer is not getting man's will done in heaven, but getting God's will done on earth. It is not overcoming God's reluctance but laying hold of God's willingness." -- Richard C. Trench

♡ keyti

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