Saturday, June 16, 2018

#CRISpyadBEIntures, adventure is out there (super late post)

Hello there! I am about to share the happenings during my soulsis's wedding in Baguio city.

We have been planning for this trip for the longest time and I am so happy that it all went well as planned. I traveled up north with friends from work, and my girlfriend, since we were invited to the wedding. We have an itinerary planned for the three days stay in Baguio. We will make sure to savor the sights and scenes that the city has to offer.

Woke up early so that I could prepare for the travel ahead. We set a time frame for the travel and wait time so that we can manage everything accordingly. It may be strict but it is better to be organized.

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Bei and Paolo have been preparing for this special day for a long time. I have been a part of the preparations and it was a great honor. I was able to help them design their invitation and offered my brother, and his team, for the photo and video coverage. Our friends and I helped during the reception as well, so the wedding was a team effort.

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(sorry for the quality of the photo and the background, haha)

Since I was the coordinator, just helping out for the entourage and seat plan, I needed to wear something that is comfortable but still looks decent since it is a church wedding. I was able to find a striped jumpsuit online for a decent price. I like the quality of the fabric although it is a bit thin for me. I also had to wear a sticky bra since it is a backless piece. I covered it up using a white blazer that I bought last year and I also opted to wear sandals since there will be a lot of walking, or running, involved.

I was game face on when the day started and I woke up at two o'clock in the morning so that I can assist during the filming of the BTS (behind the scenes). I also helped out with putting on makeup for Bei's sister, Abbe, and her niece as well. I have tried putting on makeup on my friend before for an event but it was two years ago. I am not really good at doing this but I am hoping that this will turn out well.

Everything went well on the day of the wedding itself. There was a little kink during the entourage march but we were able to finish it nonetheless. I mixed up the line but the entourage marched with no problem. My brother's team took great photos and Bei's family were impressed. I just love how candid the other photos where and how they were able to capture each genuine smile.

Bei is on her 2nd trimester of her pregnancy and she is definitely showing. The glow that you see in her is quite evident and it makes her look more youthful. Her pregnancy has been a struggle for her since it is her first time but she doesn't show any emotions because she is looking forward to having their first baby.

I loved that Bei chose the multi-way dress for her bridesmaids because they can definitely wear it again in a million ways. She also bought the same dresses for her flower girls who looked so adorable with their flower crowns. The groomsmen wore suspenders so did the little boys.

The reception was held in an events place near Pao's cafe. Their guests settled in quite nicely and the food was amazing. Too bad we had to go right after playing the AVP that I prepared for them because we have to go to work and it will be such a long travel. We were so glad that we were able to witness Bei and Pao's wedding and seeing them both happy makes all of us happy too. They also announced their baby's gender during the reception as well. They are having a baby girl, yey!

They have Echeveria succulents as their giveaway for guest and we have ours displayed in the office next to our boss' window. It is a simple gift but is just perfect because Baguio city is known for its plants especially succulents because they sell it everywhere. I have always wanted to own one, I may start having them once I have my own place.

That was a day filled with tears, smiles, laughter and a lot of memories. We were able to enjoy the days before the wedding when we were out and about but on the day itself, we were all filled with emotions we cannot explain. Some of us were a part of the offertory and some helped with organizing the seats for the guests. The whole team helped make this day a special day for the couple. We are looking forward to meeting their baby girl.

That was the adventure that we had in Baguio for our friends' wedding and I will be posting a few more wedding posts in the future because two of our friends are gonna get married soon too. Thank you for the love, have a great day ahead!

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
– Dr. Seuss

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