Sunday, May 20, 2018

Poetry Post: 30

Hello there! Here is another poetry post for y'all.

first, you met me in my darkest of days
second, you comforted me in my grief
third, you embraced my brokenness
fourth, i hurt you for the first time
fifth, you forgave me
sixth, you gave me a second chance
seventh, we finally met
eighth, you welcomed me into your home
ninth, you welcomed me into your family
tenth, you showed me that i am worth it
eleventh, you kissed the pain away
twelfth, you fixed me bit by bit
thirteenth, you made me feel loved
fourteenth, i saw your sincerity
fifteenth, i felt something
sixteenth, i ignored it
seventeenth, i can't fight it anymore
eighteenth, i fell in love
nineteenth, fell madly in love
twentieth, i gave in
twenty first, i gave you a chance
twenty second, i am completely healed
twenty third, i am completely captivated
twenty fourth, you and i were inseparable
twenty fifth, i felt like i have never loved this much before
twenty sixth, i realized how lucky i was because i have you
twenty seventh, i promise to love you until my last breath
twenty eighth, thank you for coming to my life
twenty ninth, thank you for being my savior
thirtieth, promise me that you will never leave me.

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