Monday, January 22, 2018

How should you deal with anger?

Let's talk about anger.

Anger can be caused by different reasons and can even depend on what the person is going through. Shouting, tantrums, going berserk or even silence can be signs of anger. The question is, how should you deal with it?

People go through different things in life that we do not know, so don't judge. Their grudge might come from something as serious as anxiety or depression or as petty as an asshole seatmate on the bus, never judge. You cannot weigh the level of anger just by looking at the person and not talking to them. Ranting about the reaction of an angry person does not help the situation, it makes things worse.
If you are angry, try breathing in and out, wait for you to get calm. You should have people around you whom you can talk to and help you clear your mind. If you can purchase a stress toy/ball, please do, it helps decrease the stress that you have. If you have an outlet for your anger, use it to the fullest. I also think that talking to a guidance counselor or even a priest so that you can pour out your emotions.
It is bad to keep everything in and not letting other people know about what you are going through because the outcome might be catastrophic. Talk to people, have friends around you and go out. If you have someone to talk to about anything that bothers you, especially your anger issues, they may be able to help you cope with it better than going all bonkers about it. If you release it a little at a time, then the end result will not be as wanton as everybody expects.
You may need to ask for professional help if your anger issues are beyond what people around you can comprehend. A visit with a psychologist might help you with it. They will be able to help analyze the situation and assess what should be done based on the severity of the situation.

I am not a professional but based on what I have experienced throughout the years, this is just my personal opinion. I have been dealing with this for the longest time and I guess it is time for me to share it with you. I have anger issues and have been troubled by it ever since I can remember. I need to deal with it and my friends have helped me ease me and my emotions.

Troubled? Get help before it is too late.

"Anger is one letter short of danger."
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

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