Monday, February 27, 2017

Review Post: Guerlain Products

It is my first time to try out products from this brand and I am excited to get started. Basically, Guerlain is a brand that carries make-up, fragrances and skin care products. They are a french brand that started with making fragrances and as the years pass, they expanded to doing make-up and skin care as well.

I am honored to be able to try out their products and review them for all of you. I chose three specific products and I will be giving my honest opinion about each one. I am such a basic girl that I chose a foundation, lip balm and eye liner.

Let me start with foundation and it is the Meteorites Baby Glow - Light-revealing Sheer Make-up in medium. I watched ShaaanXo use this in one of her videos as a base and that made me decide to try it out myself. I was afraid that the shade I chose won't match my skin tone but 'lo and behold it actually matches. It is a bit pink-ish than expected but I like it.

- i like the powdery floral scent because it is not overpowering
- it has a thick consistency but is easy to blend
- it actually helped with keeping my face matte
- it is buildable
- actually, I thought I will hate the packaging but it is actually easy to control the product

- unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the product (it may be the fragrance) because I started to scratch my face after 5 - 6 hours

All in all the Meteorites Baby Glow - Light-revealing Sheer Make-up is a great product especially if you really love make-up. It is very handy and you can bring it anywhere because it doesn't have a bulky packaging. I have had allergic reactions to it but the way it kept my face oil-free was a true miracle because I have super oily skin and this held up and made me look matte af. 

Next is the LArt Du Trait - Precision Felt Eyeliner because I am such an eyeliner junkie. I just have to test out this baby. I prefer felt tip liners because I can do sharper lines and it is easier to use as well.

- I love how sharp the tip is, I can do precise lines with it
- it glides on smoothly
- super easy to use
- super pigmented
- super amazing (yes, I will use super a lot in this product)

- none, none at all

Lastly, since I hoard lip balms, I chose Superlips because why not. My lips get chappy most of the time and I have been sticking to Maybelline New York's Baby Lips for the longest time and I guess it is time for me to try out new products.

- I like how simple the packaging is
- it does not have any funny aftertaste
- it glides on smoothly on the lips
- it does not feel sticky

- so far, so good

It was an honor being able to test out these babies for myself and for a prestigious brand like Guerlain, I was ecstatic. I hope that this review was helpful to all. You can find these products in Sephora. Don't forget to check 'em out and try them for yourselves. They have a wide array of products that I am pretty sure that you will love.

Thank you for the love and support and God bless!

"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror."
 Khalil Gibran

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