Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pretty & Well-Dressed

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Having problems searching for the perfect dress? Don't fret, I am here to help you find the dress that suits you best!

I stumbled upon and their collection of gowns are endless. I will be picking out my favorites and I will share them to you. I have been a bridesmaid for a number of times and trust me, dress fitting and shopping is a hassle. You really have to look into each detail of the dress. The perfect silhouette, the fit, the color, the design and even the quality of the fabric is important.

Let me start with cheap prom dresses uk, I was able to attend two prom nights and I was one of the members of the cotillion on one of them. I rented a gown and ended up ruining it since it is too long for me. Luckily, eDress.UK has tons of selections so we are bound to see perfect dresses.
A-line Scoop Floor-length Taffeta Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #SP7186
Dress and act your age, that is what everybody is saying, which is true. I suggest wearing something that is age appropriate yet stylish at the same time. Just like this taffeta dress that has pockets. It is classy and elegant, which is perfect for teens. You don't have to show too much skin to be a head turner. It has a peephole back which gives a little for the imagination. Perfect for a formal prom night.
A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Tulle Short Cocktail Dresses For Wedding #SP8505
For a less formal prom night, I suggest a knee-length dress with tulle. You can dance the night away and still look beautiful. You don't even have to wear jewelry because the dress already has the sparkle that you need. The color of the dress is perfect for most skin colors. The hair may be up in a messy bun or with loose curls, stunning!

Let us touch base on evening dresses UK. If you are attending a gala or a formal event, let me show you my favorites from the site.
I love this two-piece dress, I mean it is on trend right now, because you can wear these items together or separately. If you are going to a gala, this is the dress for you. Even though it's a separate, it still exudes class and glam. I mean, with a gorgeous arm candy, you are good to go.
 A-line Scoop Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #SI008
Lastly, this gorgeous floor-length dress that is to die for. It is perfect if you will be attending a wedding. It is elegant but not too-over-the-top that you are overpowering the bride. It is not white which makes it suit the occasion, because we all know that you shouldn't wear white during weddings.

Being pretty is important during formal gatherings but being well-dressed is also a must. Choose the gown according to your style and body. Do not force yourself on something that will not look good on you just because it is trendy right now. You know what you want, choose and plan wisely.

I hope that this post was helpful, check out and find the dress of your dreams!

“A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” 
― Sophia Loren

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