Friday, June 3, 2016

Top That with FashionMia!

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Show it off, shake it and top that! A good top can make or break an outfit, so today I will be sharing my choice of essentials that you need in your life. I browsed through FashionMia and they have a great variety of clothing items that you will surely love. I will focus more on their fabulous tops and will create outfits around them. Here it goes!

Top FashionMia | Shorts Factorie | Tote Queen Street |
Sandals Zalora | Hat Jaxon

I just love how feminine an off-shoulder top is, especially if it's made of a light fabric. When I saw this striped brilliant off-shoulder spaghetti strap blouse I just want to create an outfit around it right away. I love the delicate blue color which reminds me of the beach. You can sport this look if you will be walking on the beach or even just a stroll at the park. Let your top dance with the wind and just be the head-turner that you are.

Top FashionMia | Pants PlainsandPrints | Shoes Primadonna |
Bangles Mango | Bag Zalora

Let's go to office wear now. I am an office girl myself and I want to look the part. You want to be presentable and show your confidence with the way you dress and present yourself. I picked this printed concise long sleeve blouse because it is sophisticated but fun at the same time. Nowadays, the corporate world is embracing prints but not the loud, over-the-top prints. The print of this top is subtle so it's not too eye-catching. Also, I love stars so that is a plus with this top as well.

Hoodie FashionMia | Leggings FashionMia | Sports Bra FashionMia |
Sneakers Nike | Bag Something Borrowed

For the sporty ladies out there, here is an ensemble for you. I chose this cool hoodie with wings at the back which I really like. I paired it with a fun sports bra with a cat, of course, and a comfortable leggings so that you can still move whenever you are dancing or working out. You can bring a bag with you to put your towels and water bottle along with you. Finished with a bright pair of sneakers and you are good to do.

Top FashionMia | Skirt FashionMia | Jewelry Set Venice Jewelry |
Shoes Zalora | Bag Guess?

Let me also touch base with a date night outfit. I just love laser cutouts or lace, in particular, because it is feminine and delicate. Paired with a flowy midi skirt, your date won't stop looking at how perfect you are. And nothing says love like a heart jewelry set. I want to be comfortable on a date and wearing classy flats will definitely do the trick.

FashionMia have tons of women's tops, and fashion tops. They carry fashion clothing and super cheap clothes for women but are made of high quality materials. If I were you, I'd check their site right away and I am sure that you will find the perfect top for you. Wherever you may go or however you want to style it, having the perfect top is essential for every outfit and FashionMia is the perfect place to go.

Thank you so much for reading and see you on my next post. God bless!

"Life's too short to wear boring clothes."
— Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs

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