Monday, February 2, 2015

Outfit of the Day Post (01/17/2015)

image from Google

Hoorah for another OOTD!

We had our team building last Friday at Harong ni Charing in Pansol. We are not complete but it was fun, we had the chance to eat together, sang karaoke, drank and went wild (but not that wild). I decided to bring my girlfriend with me because I want my team to meet her. She even helped out with cooking, I am happy that my team liked her. She was able to bond with them too. I was with my wavemates Niña & Con too, although Rein isn't their we did not had a dull moment still.

here are my team mates

On with my outfit, these photos were taken before we left the place. I asked my girlfriend to take photos of me and she was happy to do so. I didn't place watermarks anymore because I was too excited to post them. I wore this floral dress that I bought at Cookies 'N Cream in Divisoria. I loved the print of the dress so I decided to use it for this trip, and it was sunny so it's okay for me to wear a dress. I also played around wearing my girlfriend's cap, I just love wearing it.

the cap is my girlfriend's

dress - Cookies 'N Cream
flip flops - Toeberries
paracord barcelet - @broshoponline

Here are photos of me wearing a cap. We bought it at a stall in Divisoria for 150php. The quality is good and the style is really nice.

Thank you for reading this post my dearies. God bless all of you!

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.
— Jacques Prévert

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