Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Hair Goals

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I know that my goal is to make my hair healthier but I promise that this will be the last time.

I am seeing this trend everywhere but I know that you should ask your stylist first before dyeing your hair. Candy colored hair is a huge leap and is outside of my comfort zone. I am torn, I want to try some colors and I am afraid to choose the wrong one. I wanted to try hair chalk first but based on the reviews that I have read and watched, they stain clothes. Once I have the free time, I will try hair chalk first and if I love the outcome I will definitely jump into changing my hair color permanently.

The first color that I got my eyes locked is pink or light wash of pink. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake, who is really cute by the way. I was thinking that for this bright color I need to be fairer because of the people that I am seeing sporting this color are either Korean or Americans, who has fairer complexions. I have to try out the hair chalk first and ask my stylist too. I might cut my hair shorter too, just for a change.

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The next color is blue, which reminds me of Emma from Blue is the Warmest Color. It is bright and bold which really caught my attention. It is also a bold statement because it is not your normal hair color. I am not sure if I should leave my hair this length or cut it short if I will be choosing this hair color. Again, since it is quite a bold choice, I have to try it out using a hair chalk first.

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A less bolder choice is ash blonde, I just love the color and how it looks on photos. I will definitely leave my hair longer for this and maybe purchase hair extensions too. I missed styling my hair and having longer hair. I also think that this color will suit me well because it is near the color of my skin tone.

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The last color in my list for the last hair color for this year is ash gray. It is not a common hair color but it is more subtle than having candy-colored hair. I saw this photo of the awesome Kelly Osbourne and I fell in love. I always adore her wild hair styles and this stood out for me. I also love how it has a hint of dark grayish brown too. I think that I can totally pull of this hair color.

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You've been with me in my hair adventures and I hope that this time you will also take part. I always love asking people how I look in a certain style may it be in clothes or hairstyle. This will be a wild and bold choice but I hope that I will make the perfect choice.

Thank you so much my dear readers and friends. may God bless all of you, stay fabulous!

Love happens all the time
To people who aren't kind
And heroes who are blind...
— Paramore, Hate to See Your Heart Break

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