Thursday, November 13, 2014

What motivates you?

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Or should it be what motivates Me?

Motivation, do I need that? Honestly, I do.

Skipping work, making excuses, being demotivated, that is me. I had fever last week and it had me thinking, "should I go back to work?" My friends have been calling and texting me that our team leader is looking for me. Anxiety attacks me again, am hearing voices telling me to stay at home and rest, I listened and obeyed. Now, it got me pondering, "was it the right thing to do?"

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Motivation pushes us from our miseries, helps us pick ourselves up and move forward. It keeps us going whenever we are weak. Cheers us up whenever we are down in the dumps. I need that, I badly need it.

I should ask myself more often, "what motivates you?", "what keeps you going?" My family, they are always there when I needed them the most, sometimes even when I don't. Aren't they more than enough motivation for me to rise up and continue?

Motivation is everywhere, we just have to open up our eyes to be able to see them. Maybe I was just to numb, too blind, to see them. I just needed to take a leap of faith, be brave enough to face what the future will hold. If it's good then hooray for me but if it's bad then I just have to let go.

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As I shout out from this dark abyss
Nobody hears me.
Just staring at this emptiness inside me drowns me,
Gloomy, cloudy and stormy, leave me please.
I needed somebody to talk to
Someone who will me from this dump.
Free me, fly me away from this despair
I want to be happy, to be enlightened again.
Motivate me, push me, pull me
anything that can really help me.
I was down, I was confused
but this time I just needed a boost.
I little tug for this fallen heart,
and with a little pixie dust I might learn to fly
Maybe somehow, someday
I will be okay and then in this choice I will stay.

I missed making poems, this one is just a free flow but I hope that it shows the message. I just love making poetry, I just don't have the mindset to make one. I hope that soon enough I will get back on my knees and pick up from where I left off. Still thank you for all of the support and love. I love all of you, God bless!

"Keep a definite goal of achievement constantly in view. Realize that work well and worthily done makes life truly worth living."
— Grenville Kleiser

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