Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OOTD Flashback: Silver Serpentine Dress (16 March 2013)

image from WeHeartIt

Lovely afternoon!

Every girl wants to wear a gown or a dress to make them feel like a princess. I never had a chance to wear a legit gown that is elegant and chic. When my parents planned on having a celebration for their silver wedding anniversary I went nuts. I will be able to wear a dress and this time it is a very fabulous silver dress.

this is my makeup inspiration
image from WeHeartIt

The makeup was done by yours truly. I know that it doesn't really show here but what I did was a subtle gold shadow for my eyes with a peach blush and a peach lip. I just made it simple because I don't want to over shine my mum since she is the bride. Since I was the maid of honor, I just want to be beautiful and not mask my own true beauty.

These photos were taken at the salon where my mum and her friends had their makeup and hairs done. It was a salon of the famous Edwin Samot.

I was this dress at a store in 11/88 in Divisoria. It was a different shop were my mum had her gown made. My gown costs P 4,500 which is more expensive than my mum's am not sure why but it was. The original gown that I saw was in white and I just asked them to do it in silver. The fit of the dress is phenomenal. On my last fitting the people in the shop were in awe, someone even took a photo of me wearing the gown. I love the beading in the belt which added glam to the dress.

I hate how the light hits my face but that is okay. I felt like a princess and that is what's important. I know that I am not a professional makeup artist but I deserve a pat on the back because a lot of people noticed how pretty I was. I just want to enhance what I have and look glamorous at the same time.

I am so happy that my parents reached their 25th year. I a hoping for another 25 years if possible. I love my family and I hope that we all have a healthy life.

Thank you so much for reading this post sweethearts. God bless you.

Stay gorgeous!

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” 


  1. Lovely photos, hope it was an amazing day!

    I love your blog and have tagged you to do The Second Edition Beauty Blogger Tag!



    1. thanks dear.
      they were by a photographer
      so the photos are so AWESOME.
      thanks for the tag as well.
      i will check it out.

  2. you look gorgeous! :) im inlove with your gown :D yay! thumbs up :))


  3. You look so pretty sis! :))
    And I love your blog. It's so chic ;)


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