Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorite Show (I accidentally deleted the original post *sigh)

image from Animal Planet

Good evening!

This is such a random post but I have been watching this show for almost a month now and I love every single episode. This is a show from the Discovery Channel. The shows main star is Jeremy Wade who is a professional extreme angler and the title of it is River Monsters. It is a show that is focused on fishes that came from legends, folklore and even hearsay. Jeremy travels the globe to look for river monsters that either harm or even kill people.

I also love how you can learn a lot from the show. He searches for information and details about the fish so that hell be able to prepare on how to catch it. Another good thing is that when he catches the fish he lets it swim back to the water. He even exposes himself to the fish, like in a school of piranhas, to know how they will react. He mostly goes for fresh water fish.

He uses a lot of rods and lines with different materials depending on how huge the fish he is going to catch. He also tried fishing with traditional methods that the villagers taught him, wherever he may be. The preparation for each fishing trip is extensive. From the rods to the lures, he makes sure that everything will go as planned when he is on that exact fishing spot.

I just admire his determination. There was one time when he had to do noodlin to catch fish. It is diving down a burrow in a river to catch a catfish using your bare hands. He even won a contest for bringing in the heaviest catfish.

My favorite episode is when he was catching a tarpon using the fly fishing technique. He was on a boat that you need to propel yourself using your feet. It was a very stressful trip but he got to catch one. When he was about to get the fish it slipped his hands. He even had to go under branches of trees because the line got tangled but sadly the fish was able to escape his grip. The next day he tried to catch one and he caught a big one. He was able to have a grip of the fish with a help of a German angler that helped him with what he should do to catch the fish.

It is a good thing that he catches and let go of the fish that he catches. I admire his strength and persistence in looking for information about every fish that he will be catching. He is such an inspiration.

Thank you so much for reading my love. Thank you for all of the support. God bless you.

Stay gorgeous!

"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind."  -- Washington Irving


  1. sounds so awesome sis, though I haven't seen the show
    great post :))

    love lots,

    1. it is quite a show,
      it has suspense.
      i love suspense.
      it's shown every 5pm on
      Discovery Channel
      and for new episodes it will be
      @ 9pm every Tuesday.


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