Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Divisoria Haul: T-Shirt Frenzy (and some other stuff)

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I hate pay day, it makes me want to spend. Yet pay day makes me happy because I get to buy stuff for my cats as well. For last week's pay day, I went to Divisoria to buy clothes. It was so hot in Manila and I really want to go somewhere cool.

My favorite stop for clothes is 168 Divisoria Mall because the AC is cool and there are a lot of fab finds there. I have been to Lucky China Town Mall but the stores there are signature brands and I can't afford them. I also visited 11/88 and most of their goods are for weddings and special occasion. Lastly, 999 Mall is more on wholesale buys and it is too big to roam around. My first choice is always 168 Divisoria Mall.

Let me start with the shop Vertigo where I bought six (6) shirts. The shirts have v shaped neckline which I find very flattering. I bought it in different colors so that I will have variations. The colors of the shirts are white with pink stripes, maroon, mint green, dark gray with blue stripes, coral and off white. I don't really have that much solid colored shirts in my closet that is why I decided to purchase these. They were sold for P 150 each but since I bought six (6), which is the minimum for wholesale, I had them for P 130 each. Awesome! The brand of the shirts are Wet Seal and I searched on the internet and it is actually a clothing line outside of the Philippines. I love the texture of the shirts and the way the fabric hugs my body is nice.

Next stop is the Cookies 'N Cream shop, where I bought two pairs of pants. I bought one in a solid hot coral color and the other one has floral prints. I just love the fit of both pants and that I could play around with accessories and tops to pair with them. I may go back to purchase a mint colored pants and blue floral pants. These were P 200 each which is a bargain as well.

Next is a random shop near the escalator where I bought a red cardigan. I love the big buttons that where in the cardigan. I don't have any red cardigan or cover up so this is quite a good addition to my closet.

Lastly, I bought a replica of a Converse high tops sneakers outside 168 Divisoria Mall. It is a random kiosk where they sell a lot of shoes. I thought that they wouldn't have anything on my size but was surprised that they have. It is a black pair which is awesome to pair with anything. This is my first pair of shoes with that style.

Had fun shopping and I am sure that there will always be a next time!

Thank you so much for reading this loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Wow! andami naman sis!
    ang ganda pa :))
    I like them! <3
    it's been a while since you keep posted, glad to read something from you now <3

    love lots,


    1. thanks dear.
      been obsessed with shopping lately.
      glad you liked them.

  2. Very like the cardigan and necklace. My favorite color!


    1. thank you.
      the necklace is my mum's
      and it's not included
      in my purchases but glad
      you liked it.

  3. great stuff;)

  4. Replies
    1. there are a lot of new stores there,
      you should visit Divisoria soon.

  5. Great haul, I love the raspberry coloured tee!!


  6. all are so amazing!
    check out my blog?

  7. The mint top and the peach/pink pants would be a lovely pair! ;) If I only I wasn't lazy to post some of my new finds. ;) I love them all!

    Thanks Keyti! I miss your blog posts!


    1. thanks dear,
      that would be an awesome look.

  8. thanks for sharing! i've been planning to go to the upcoming bazaar at SMX, but i think going to Divi would be more worth it! :)


    1. true that dear and items will
      be cheaper there than in the bazaar.

  9. Oh, I first looked at your post before this. So the cookies 'n cream is located at 168 mall?


  10. Great haul
    love the shoes
    followed you :)

    Thanks for dropping by

    Danica Stark

    1. thank you dear.
      it is an honor to have you
      here on my blog.

  11. I love shopping in Divisoria too!


  12. I wish to go there too! Great buys.


  13. nice haul! everything looks great. love the floral print pants..great for the summer!


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