Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clothes for Work

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This may be a photo heavy post.

It has been more than two (2) months since I went to StarTek to apply for a job. It was a game of chance but I was lucky enough to pass. Everyday is your typical day in a call center but I have to make it interesting. I play around with my outfits and I am having fun with it.
Let me start with the first outfit.

Top (thrift store) | Pants (Bench) | Shoes (SoleMate)

This is a fun outfit. I just love the polka dot print of the top that is why I paired it with a pair of fun yellow skinny jeans. I am fond of pairing loud prints with solid colored jeans or pants. I also had my hair in a bun to have a clean look.

Top (WetSeal) | Jeggings (Jag) | Sandals (Random Shop)

Here is another outfit with prints. I paired my striped shirt with a pair of black jeggings that perfectly matches with it. I kept it simple with a pair of gladiator sandals that my mum bought me. I loved how it looked because it is simple and comfortable.

Top (WetSeal) | Pants (Cookies 'N Cream) | Cardigan (Random Shop) | Sandals (Parisian)

This is a casual business outfit that I put together. I paired a striped tee with a pair of bold coral pants to give a pop of fab to the outfit. Since it is cold in the office, I wore my gray cardigan to add business class as well. I had my black sandals to keep it simple.

Top (WetSeal) | Jeggings (Jag) | Shoes (SoleMate)

As usual, I am wearing a tee and pants combination. The shirt that I am wearing is a light shade of coral and I paired it with my black jeggings for it to pop. The v neckline is flattering on me that is why I bought a lot of shirts with the same neckline. The shoes, it has polka dots on it, gave the whole outfit added print since I am wearing solid colors.

Dress (Uniqlo) | Shoes (SoleMate) | Cardigan (Divisoria)

I am feeling girly today that is why I decided to wear a dress. My mum bought me this dress from Uniqlo and I had to do a bit of repair for it to fit me well. I had to remove three (3) inches on both sides of the dress for it to fit me better. I love that it is a t shirt dress because it is comfortable and the fabric does not cling to the skin. It has the perfect length as well. I paired it with my white flats and my awesome red cardigan. I had my hair extensions on and I did a side braid.

Top (WetSeal) | Pants (Cookies 'N Cream) | Shoes (SoleMate)

I had my hair in a side braid again because I just feel like it. I paired my pint green shirt with my fab floral pants. i like the fit of these pants more than my black one. It is so feminine because it is in white. I then wore my white flats to finish up the look. I brought my denim jacket to keep me warm because it can get really chilly in the production floor.

Those were some of the outfits that I wore to work. I just mix and match my clothes. Thank you so much for reading this post. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Love your images. Stylish and bright.


  2. I love your floral pants!!! Can you please share where to find the cookies 'n cream shop? <3

    heehee, thanks,


    1. 3rd floor.
      it is inside 168 Divisoria Mall.


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