Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yes! I have a job and I am loving it

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It has been two (2) weeks since I started training at Startek for T-Mobile. I am having so much fun learning and coping up with the account. This is my second telco account as a call center agent. It is for Activations which they say is an easy account.

We had our IDs on the first week of our training. Our trainer for FST was very persistent enough to make sure that we'll have our IDs as quick as possible. We also had our ATMs just this week. Everybody was so excited to have theirs. We also had our lockers last week which is amazing and including our headsets as well. The things that we needed were provided for us just like notebooks and pens. This has been a great environment for me because we were assured that we have a lot of room to grow and excel.

My colleagues are nice. Half of the wave are newbies that is why the tenure ones helped them out so that they won't be having any trouble coping. It was a very fun learning experience. The fist mock call that we had was a success and everybody passed. I was so glad that my partner and I passed the mock calls and that he was able to awe our trainer. I was proud of myself because I was able to help out someone who had no call center experience to give a great customer experience.

I learned a lot from FST and more from PST. I am hoping that this time everything will be okay. I am also finishing up my requirements so that I won't be pulled out of the program. We already had our first assessment and I did well. I was so relieved when I found out that I passed. The grading system in this program is quite serious that is why I need to study harder and be more focused. I just need to manage my time wisely and be more responsible.

The practice mock calls that we had last Friday was a good practice for us, especially the call center "virgins". I am also flattered hearing compliments from my colleagues whom I have helped in taking in calls. I am not a good teacher and will never be. I just want them to shine their own light and not under mine. I guide them yes, but I never push them to do what I want them to do.

We also had our Y-Jack sessions last Thursday. We listened to the agent's on the production floor and were taught on the best practices when taking in calls. The agent that me and Fiona barged it was Natasha. She was very nice and accommodating. She sounds professional on the phone and is a good customer service agent. She gave us tips and tricks about different call types. Natasha also taught us on how we should answer Fraud calls and be able to verify each and every call to protect the customers' accounts.

I am loving my stay in Startek. Besides from the fact that I am learning a lot, I gained new friends. I also built a strong bond with a couple of girls in our wave. Kristine, Fiona and Maine are my best friends at work. They are the nicest people ever and they are making my stay at Startek worth it. We eat out at lunch time and share a lot of laughs. They even hear me out when I am in doubt or in grief. We talk about a lot of things and even share our insights about training and our colleagues. We are like sisters and it is great.

Thank you so much for reading this loves. I hope to see you all soon on my next post. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. aw congratulation <3

    visit my blog ^^

  2. Congrats :D
    That job sounds like a lot of fun and so do the people!
    It's really awesome~

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  4. Yay! :D congratulations! :) I can't wait to have a job, too! :)

    So pretty! :D I still haven't done a Valentines day nail art. :D

    Btw, I hope you could comment your wishlist on my blog post to win Php 10,000 worth of GC's. :)

    1. thanks dear.
      having a job isn't easy
      but it is very fulfilling.

  5. Congratulation :)


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