Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in N401 Make Out Red

(image from Google)
Here is another review for all of you

This is a lipstick that I saw in a commercial last week. It is the  Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in N401 Make Out Red which was worn by Ms. Anne Curtis. I loved how it looked on her that is why I decided to order one for myself. Since I am into bold colored lipsticks lately, I chose this deep pink color just for a change. If I remembered it correctly, it costs P 269 which is not bad for a great product.

Here are some photos of the product.

(with flash)

(without flash)

     ❥ the packaging is amazing
     ❥ has great color pay-off
     ❥ buildable
     ❥ the color lasts for a long time
     ❥ doesn't have a fishy smell or taste

This is the commercial which made me want to buy the lipstick.

     ❥ nothing really

Here is a swatch of the lipstick.

(without flash)

(with flash)

     ❥ I will give this lipstick a perfect score because I love everything about it. Must I say more? :D

     ❥ I am loving this lipstick and this will definitely be one of my favorite products ever. I am currently loving Avon makeups and I would want to try more from their makeup line. I am looking forward to new purchases. This is such an exceptional lipstick, you should try these too.

Thank you so much for reading yet another review from me. Am hoping to post more in the next few days. God bless all of you and be safe.

Stay fab!

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