Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: PureDerm Skin Solution Make-Up Cleansing Tissues

I bought this pack of makeup removing sheets at National Bookstore when I was in SM City Manila. The sheets claim to remove makeup in one step, it is deep cleansing and moisturizing and has green tea extract.

I decided to do a review on it because I haven't had any review on such products. This will be my first facial wipes review. I haven't tried any other facial wipes before because I often use baby wipes to clean excess makeup on my face. There is a first for everyone right.

This is the amount of makeup that was removed from my face using the facial tissues.

(eyebrows, eyeliner, blush and powder)

- it is compact and handy
- it smells good
- it is quite cheap for 15 sheets (P 29.75)
- it does remove makeup in one stroke
- it is in a pink pouch

- when I used it on my lips, it felt very greasy
- it stings a little after using it

- am not sure, maybe I'll try to find another brand of facial wipes to compare and then I'll see if I would repurchase it. For now, this will be my go to facial wipes.

Do you have any suggestions on what brand of facial wipes I should try out next? Have you tried this brand out? What can you say about it?

Thanks loves for reading this post and God bless all of you.

Stay fab!

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