Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Party Like No Other featuring the RoRoRoKa

This is another crazy post for y'all so be ready for a photo spam.

'Twas the night before Christmas eve when four girls got together to celebrate. Rocel, Roquelle, Roma at Kat have been friends for almost 20 years and they see to it that every year's celebration of Christmas is memorable and fun.

Well, basically my friends and I went to Rocel's place to eat, have fun, talk and exchange gifts. This started years back and it has been a tradition for us. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for our main dish. Roquelle and Roma bought pizza and brought shanghai rolls for us too. Rocel gave us cream puffs that are amazing. Rocel's mum also gave us pancit (stir fried noodles) that tastes so good and her youngest brother, Brian, cooked hotdogs for us. We had fun eating and chatting. I almost forgot that I made the decorations that we had.

The exchange gift part is so much fun. We laughed giving the gifts and opening as well. I received a very cab sheer top from Roquelle. Roquelle had a collection of nail polish from Rocel. Rocel then received a night gown from Roma. Lastly, Roma received a shirt from me.

We took a lot of photos and some of it where taken by Rocel's younger brother Darwin. Kudos to him for also coaching us on what poses to do. We just loved goofing off and having fun with each other. This is a yearly thing and I am looking forward to next year's celebration.

I love these girls so much and I just want to share it will all of you. Thank you so much for reading loves and God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. You really look like you have so much fun with your friends dear.I celebrated one CHristmas party with my collge friends too. Celebrating Christmas is indeed more fun with firneds heehe


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