Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Piink Rouge: Novemberrific Giveaway!

Join her giveaway loves!

Join The Piink Rouge's "Novemberrific Giveaway" sponsored by Miss Bella PH and win exciting prizes! She is such an awesome person and is down-to-earth. Follow her blog and join her awesome giveaway.

It is a collaboration with Miss Bella Online. You might win awesome items for organizing your makeup and brushes. Here are the tabulation of prizes: 1st Winner will receive 1-Cosmetic Brush Holder, 2nd Winner will receive 1-Cosmetic Brush Holder, 3rd winner will receive 24-slot Lipstick Holder/Rack. There is also a minor prize so don't hesitate and you should join right away!

Here is the link to her giveaway.

Thanks loves!


  1. Hello Girl! :) Thanks for joining my giveaway :)
    Btw, kindly comment the following on my blog post :) Thank you dear! :)

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    Link of your blog about the Giveaway:


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