Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blessed Alms

(image from WeHeartIt)

When I was on my way to work, from Divisoria because my cousin Ate Jhoy and I bought goodies for CJ's birthday celebreation tomorrow, at Quirino Avenue, there stood an old lady asking for alms. She was wearing tattered clothes. She was all alone under the LRT tracks and as she was reaching out for alms her hands are shaking. There was a lady who stopped buy and gave her coins. As the old lady looked at her hand, she closed it and did the sign of the cross. She is thanking God for the money that she received.

I wanted to hand her money but the jeepney where I was in moved fast as the traffic light turns green. I want to see her again. I admire her faith. She was the first person that I saw whom holds her money tight in her fist and did the sign of the cross. Her faith is as strong as the mountains.

You can rarely see people do great signs of their faith. The old lady was a great proof how people really trust and thank Him. God is good. He is not just for the rich but for everybody. It just goes to show that you shouldn't be ashamed of your faith. Be proud. In every single thing you do, we should be strong. Keep our faith strong and our hopes high.

God is great and we should thank Him for everything. Thank you so much loves for reading. Stay fab!

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