Thursday, November 15, 2012

Embracing My Sexuality: Being a Lesbian

Stepping out of my comfort zone.
this is a post about me embracing my being a lesbian, so brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen.

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I started dating a lesbian about four years ago. It didn't work out but I learned a lot. I had my longest relationship, with a lesbian, from May of 2010 to November of this year. It wasn't really intentional but I became a lesbian right there and then. I felt like I had an epiphany, an awakening. I appreciate women more today than when I was a straight femme. I don't even know how it exactly happened but I am lesbian.

I don't feel sexually attracted to a woman but I can see real beauty. I appreciate the beauty that God created. Unlike before, but still I feel very insecure when I see prettier girls than me. Although I may be lesbian, still I embrace my femininity. I still dress up, put makeup on and act like a woman. I am a lipstick lesbian or a pink lesbian, as they say.

I felt the same when I was in high school. I thought I was just going through a phase where I am having identity crisis. I realized just now that I should have embraced it and opened up. It is hard fitting in when I was in high school because I don't know where I should stand. I was very much confused.

Ever since I became lesbian, I became more open-minded. I was willing to learn a lot of things. I became more broad when it comes to analyzing things. There are also times, am sorry if this is too much, that I want to explore the female body but I never did so don't you worry guys. I don't know if it is part of that metamorphosis but it happened. I became more caring, I know what women want that is why I became more approachable. Especially for women, I drew myself closer to them now than before. I have more female friends now than men which is quite odd.

In years to come, maybe I will learn more about myself. Open up a bit more and explore the LGBT world. I am proud to be a lesbian. I am loving every single moment of it. I don't know if my thoughts are relevant to it but that is what is on my mind. Well, still thank you for reading this loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. What a lovely post. I am really happy that you are embracing your identity :)


    1. thanks dear .
      it is better that way ,
      at least people would know
      who i really am and not
      guessing on how they should treat me .


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