Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thor Update: Day Four (I Found Out About His Gender!)

Good Morning!

It is day four of my update about little Thor (I checked is gender, finally, and he is a boy) and he is doing pretty well. His wound is finally closing and there are no more aliens coming out of it. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide again and the wound is healing faster than I am expecting.

He is pretty much energetic but I am seeing him looking for a lactating mum because he keeps on biting my legs thinking that it is his mom. I have tried giving him milk but he doesn't seem to like at that much, I should try and buy another formula for him but except for that he is a very healthy kitten.

Why did I name him Thor? First of all he reminds me of the character, he has blonde hair, although my Thor is orange or as they categorize him "red" in color he still reminds me of the character. The original Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers and in the movie Thor) is a strong man who never surrenders even if he is badly hurt or for example that time when his father took away his powers, he persevered until he got his power back, my Thor on the other hand is also strong because he never gave up living, he was a jolly kitten and I can see in his eyes that he wants to live. He fought for his dear life and I adore him for that.

Thank you for all of the prayers that you shared for Thor, he is recovering faster that what I expected. God is good, first He gave me a job and now Thor is alive and well! Thank you Lord!

Thank you loves for reading my post, be safe okay? God bless you. Stay fab!


  1. soooo adorable!! hope he grows up really strong and healthy, all the best for your new kitty muffin :)

    1. he will be ,
      i will take good care of him .


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