Thursday, October 11, 2012

My College Poetry Notebook: Here I Am

I have been to poetry ever since I could remember. I never stopped writing poems because it is like it's a huge part of my life. When I was in college I have a spare notebook where I write poetry and I will be posting them here on my blog.

This first poem is probably from my high school but am not really sure because I just pasted it in the notebook but I'll include it still. This is such a sad poem, I was going through a lot then and it shows in my poetry. Hope you guys will love it.

Here I Am

Here I am, all alone again,
Staring at these four walls again.
Wond'ring why I feel so hollow,
I don't know what road to follow.
My life is so full of sorrow,
Is this really what's meant for me? I don't know.

Here I am living my life,
In my I'm holding a knife.
To end the life of this miserable being
I don't know what I was doing
Even my head now is hollow
I don't know what road to follow.

Here I am, weary and confused
I feel that I am always accused.
Should I end my life now
or should I go on with it for now.
I need someone to help me decide
But I found no one by my side.

Here I am...


  1. I also love poetry,I also love composing poem when I was in my younger age (okey hindi naman ako ganoon ka tanda ngayon, that was during my high school and college year as I recall.

    I love your poem, kahit na it feels like the character on that poem feels lonely. Sana naman dear hindi ka lonely ngayon :)

    1. am not lonely dear ,
      my cats are keeping me company .

      i would love to read some of
      your poems.

  2. I used to write sad and lonely poems like this one wa back in highschool too. I think it's part of being a teenager, yung pagiging "EMO" hehehehehe
    Pero ngayon mas lumalim na pagpili ko ng mga theme para sa mga poem ko. Mas na appreciate ko kasi ang poetry sa studies ko.hihi

    1. true ,
      emo stage talaga ang high school .
      ahahaha !
      i haven't been writing poems lately
      kasi wala akong maisip na theme/topic for it .
      but i'll go back to writing soon .

  3. contrary of me! just wrote a couple of poems for our literature class hehehe
    gotta post one of it which I wrote in tagalog, the problem is, I might be in jail because of it hahaa


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